5 free bike racing games online

Here’s a list of some of the  5 free bike racing games online

Racing Fever: Moto

This game in the play shop is really successful. It enables you to ride 16 different bikes, with a wide variety of speeds and handling. In addition, all the bikes have individualization options. Both elements are transparent in graphics and the backdrop is incredible.

This game also has a “polytechnical escape” mode, when you reach the speed limit, the police cars chase you. 4 different angles of camera and a 4 control option are available, so all you need is there. The game is highly balanced and even after hours of play there are no output declines.

Traffic Rider

This is a spectacular game of more than 70 missions. There is no petroleum max, for as long as you like you can avoid city traffic. More than 25 real life bikes and fun customization options are included, including Hayabusas and Vespas. If there are extra angles and customisation, the game will be much better, but it remains enjoyable. You can always drive quickly, wheel drive and drive in the wrong way. The game is ok, but it might be a little easier again, on the graphical side. Bikes are recorded from original bikes in the real world, according to developers. Finally, you can compare your skills online with the online leader board

Racing Moto

This game has been in store for a long time and is among the simplest bike racing games for Android. It is as addictive as ever, though. The controls are easy when you tilt to speed. The game has just three motorcycles, and not many other features to pick from. As you advance, the bike accelerates more and more and with each second that passes it gets harder.


The problem is that the games should perhaps be improved rather than new instalments too much. This game features a lot of entertainment, such as controller support, four maps, and real life mountains.

The graphics are better and the music is good. Any accounts of unsatisfactory handling and declines in results are required. The erratic and popups are another dismay.

You are able to choose the player you want, and 4 different modes are available, including Quick Race, Championship, Time attack, and Test ride.

Asphalt 8 Airborne – Bike mode

Gameloft has taken time to play a cycling game and now recently added motorcycles to Asphalt 8. Although Asphalt 9 is also available, the 8th edition is one of the cycling games with the best Android graphics and the best on the list.

The bikes are also available in multiplayer mode and the fun stunts power your nitro bar. Bicycle components can be upgraded and plenty of adaptive solutions are available. For cyclists, this is a last cycling memory.

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