Here are some of the India’s finest hatchback cars!

Hatchback is a small passenger car with a large boot. Most of the hatchbacks let you fold the rear seats when not in use which makes a larger storage space for you. The rear door opens upwards and you can easily enter the cargo area at once.

The resale value of the hatchback cars are comparatively more than the larger cars. Also, hatches are smaller than sedans which can be a plus point when you are driving on busy roads as well as while parking your vehicle in tight spaces. A shorter bonnet makes it easier for the learner drivers to see where their car ends and also during their first time on road.

The widescreen wiper of a hatchback car is always an advantage for the car. This will make it easy for the driver to see through the rain to the traffic behind you.

The price range matters a lot. Hatchbacks are comparatively cheaper than SUV. There are running costs which are associated with the price of the car in case of SUV. Also, in case of SUV you need to pay higher road tax and also there is higher insurance when compared to a hatchback. As well all know bigger tiers cost more. Hence here, hatchback clearly wins over SUV.

Below mentioned are some of the best hatchback cars in India which are the bestsellers too in the Indian automobile market.

Tata Tiago

This small hatchback car from Tata has set new standards for the rest of the hatchback brands in the automobile industry. The top class features of this small car are amazing such as multi-drive mode-CITY and ECO as well as Juke app. It has got a spacious cabin which is made good quality plastic and is merchandized by two new units of 1.05-litre diesel and 1.2-litre petrol. The price of this outstanding hatchback is up to Rs 3.20 lakh-Rs 5.54 lakh.

Maruti Suzuki Swift

This car has been doing very well in the automobile industry and is still considered to be one of the best hatchback cars in India. Swift offers automatic climate control, rear defogger, audio control and also illuminated steering-wheel-mounted Bluetooth facility. This hatchback generates power from 1.2 litre and it costs around Rs4.71 lakh to Rs 7.43 lakh.

Honda Jazz

The previous generation of Honda Jazz was not so convincing but the recent one is fire. It has made its comeback with many improvements and has seriously developed concern for its rivals. Talking about its interiors, this hatchback has got enough space for the occupants and is already setting the standards high for the other hatchback cars in the industry. The cost of this car is up to Rs5.59 lakh- Rs 8.99 lakh.

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