The Daytona 500 – The Greatest Racing Event Ever

Isn’t it abnormal that simply whilst all the different sports activities are ending their respective seasons, NASCAR kicks their season off with their largest race – there’s absolute confidence that I am regarding the Great American Race known as the Daytona 500 which started out off way back in the 1959 and was won by using none apart from Lee Petty in a heart stopping and nail biting finish.

Many drivers would gladly opt to swap one of their championship wins for a win in this race that’s by means of a long way the maximum exalted of all NASCAR races. Also, another cause why all the NASCAR drivers are hell bent on winning the Daytona 500 is that the triumphing vehicle is proudly displayed inside the Daytona Museum for the complete of subsequent 12 months.

A little greater about the coveted Daytona races: As the name suggests those take vicinity at the incredible Daytona International Speedway which is set two and a 1/2 miles in period and paperwork an typical “D” shape – what’s extra, the prolonged duration of the music makes it a super speedway. These races are held on the third Sunday of February earlier than which the drivers go through extremely extreme arrangements. To upload to that, the Daytona Speedway has a capability to preserve a brilliant one hundred and 68 thousand fanatics – all of which contribute to an explosive ecosystem.

The drivers need to go through a completely unique qualifying degree that is definitely different from every other racing occasion.

Based on a factors machine, the top thirty 5 drivers from the preceding year automatically qualify for the Daytona 500 – the last drivers then combat it out for the ultimate 8 slots.

Those drivers who had been the first to qualify for the race are positioned within the first actual row. Positions forty-forty three are populated with the aid of those drivers that had been now not within the top 35 however had the quickest lap instances.

The other positions are decided by means of the two 150 mile qualifying races. The top two from both of these qualifying races are then given an area on the starting line. In case a preceding 12 months’s NASCAR champion does now not qualify for any motive, he is then given the 43rd beginning role.

When the Daytona 500 kicks off with an explosion of fireworks, it is much like the wave of fireworks that burst off whilst the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Day. On the 3rd Sunday of February, the deafening noise of the crowds and the roars of tens and hundreds of stock vehicle engines mark the start of America’s finest racing event. NASCAR’s extravagant kick off event is quite distinct to different racing events but it’s far an appropriate occasion to get the hearts pumping, the expectations sky-rocketing and the adrenalin racing. No other sporting event ever receives close to commencing their season this explosively. It is not any surprise that fanatics follow NASCAR activities with cult like passion and make their way to the Daytona International Speedway on the 3rd Sunday of February as if they’re on a sacred pilgrimage.

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